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Are you a brand new entrepreneur? An employee in a great company? A freelancer with an attitude? A boss with a team? A small company with high expectations? Hooray. Our workspace wants you!

It is never easy to find the right place to work. The office can be dull and uninspiring. At home Mr Whiskers is tapdancing on your laptop. And the cute coffee house around the corner is where you meet your Tinder dates.

You need a place that gives you energy, inspiration, a good network an a great vibe. A place which feels like home but still pushes you to do great things. A place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Basically you are looking for a feeling. Meet House of ape.

It's not a place it's a feeling...


House of ape is perfect for anybody who is looking for a cosy coworking. We offer both open as a little bit more private office spaces. That means you will either get your own seat at our nice wooden tables or that you'll get a private office up till six people.

Naturally you will be able to use all our meeting facilities such as our Board Room, Coach or Skype room or our lovely secret terras. Even when you are not a member you can book our meeting facilities any time of the day. Just send us an email.

Everyone who's a member at House of ape is one of our experts. This means we will tell the world about your expertise, your talents and your skills.

We connect our experts with companies who are seeking a certain skill. It's a great way to generate new business through House of ape!


House of ape is looking for members with a sense of adventure, who are passionate about their work and enthusiastic enough to join our workspace.

You can check who's here to meet our awesome experts. Once you feel like House of ape could be the cowokring for you we recommend our free trial week. We'll make sure you will have everything you need during this week. The only thing we ask of you is that you'll write an honest review afterwards. Curious to what people have to say? Check our Facebook reviews or our Google reviews.

If you are looking for a meeting or event space check out this page for al the available options. All meeting rooms prices includes great coffee of tea, water, wifi and a great host.

See you soon and stay awesome!

Some kind words

Dennis Moons

I have been a member for 2 years and still loving every day!

Dennis Moons
Store growers
Eline Goethals

One day a week is a perfect way to keep balance in my life

Eline Goethals

A great space for me and my team to work on a daily basis

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