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We were not born to just pay the bills and die... No! But sometimes you do feel like it don't you.

Ape exits to bring adventure, passion and enthusiasm into your life. It is our mission to create a world of entrepreneurial spirits! It doesn't matter if you want to be an employee or start your own business. The entrepreneurial spirit lives inside you!

We want you to take charge of your life and start filling it with things you love. Your dream job is one of those things and we will help you find it. Because we understand how important it is to do the things you love most and that you can be that limited edition that you feel you are. We go for genuine connections which makes us truly an ape community of professionals.

Together we will create a movement filled with adventure passion and enthusiasm! Come to our Meet & Greet to check us out!


Every tree weeks we organize a Meet & Greet in Antwerp for curious professionals. You don't have to be looking for a new opportunity. You can also join our network to make sure your current work is noticed by all the amazing companies who are browsing through our platform looking for talent.

First we select our professionals based on our core values Adventure Passion and Enthusiasm.

Second Ape will facilitate a possible match between the professional and the company based on personality and company culture instead of just a job description and skills.

Also our companies who we work with are selected on the same core values. This means we create a qualitative network of like minded people who want to make the most of their company and their employees. At our companies you are not a number you are a person.


So what's next? Well, just go to events and sign up for our Meet and Greet. There's no fee and there are no strings attached. Once you've decided that ape is the way to go, we diced if you are adventurous passionate and enthusiastic enough for us.

If it's a yes, your ape future will begin and it's all free. Hooray!

After our Meet & Greet you will follow two workshops. One where it's all about you and you alone and one about the company world and how to approach this weird and unsafe environment.

Last but not least you will get the change to convince us of your talent by a one day internship at ape. This way we really get to know you as a professional, so when the day comes we can introduce each and every one of you to all those amazing companies who are looking for awesome professionals.