Welcome at You + Your Business

Food For The Brave

Welcome at You + Your Business. Good to have you here!

Before we start spreading our enthusiasm about our educational adventure, we want to introduce you to our dinner party Food For The Brave! An evening where entrepreneurial spirits come together and inspire each other how to grow the life they love.

Entrepreneurial what? Entrepreneurial spirits are people with a lust for life. People who understand that work is not something you do just to pay the bills. Is this you?

Food For The Brave is a very easy first introduction to a our educational adventure for only €35. We will talk a little about the content of You + Your Business but more important you as a guest will be part of our evening by discussing relevant topics like creating a mission or your relationship with money.

During these vibrant nice and easy going dinner parties we will feed you with a lovely three course dinner and some fine wine. Sounds good right?

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You + Your Business

It's time to spread our enthusiasm about You + Your Business.

It's called You plus Your business because we people need to understand that you as a person should come first in life. Not work.

Although work is something very dominant in life and can make your life very meaningful, it's unfortunately also something you do just to pay your bills.

Work should be something that brings you joy and fulfillment and gives you extra drive for life. Not something that makes you want to stay in bed all day!

You + Your Business is an education program that includes 4 days of amazing workshops, a wonderful coach weekend in the Ardennes and last but not least …

a real old school graduation day!

We understand it is a big step to sign up for something you want to get to know first, so we created Try Out Days. For only €173,75 you can expand your knowledge, get inspired, meet other entrepreneurial spirits and convince yourself you really need to sign up for the full 7 days program.

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So now what?

To make everything super duper clear we will walk you through our range of cool events, workshops and educational adventures one more time.

It would be great if you'd come and visit us at one of our Food For The Brave Dinner parties. Here we meet, we drink, we eat and we will get to know each other.

If you would like to develop yourself and get inspired for our educational 7 days program you can sign up for one of our Try Out Days. For only €173,75 you will get a day filled with knowledge, great tools and amazing people.

Are you convinced of all the greatness You + Your Business has to offer you? Sign up for our 7 day educational program where we'll focus on your mindset, your knowledge and your knowhow. We’re a huge fan of being practical and learning real things that matter. So all our workshops are a great mix between you doing stuff and you listening to stuff. You go home with wonderful drive to grow the life you love!

Day 1: How to grow your mission
27 september 2018 9:30
Day 2: How to grow your value
11 oktober 2018 9:30
Weekend: How to grow Yourself
27 oktober 2018 9:00
Day 5: How to grow your influence
08 november 2018 9:30
Day 6: How to grow your brand
22 november 2018 9:30
Day 7: Your Graduation Day
29 november 2018 9:30

Meet our trainers

Life + Business Coach Shana Cornelis
Business Motivator Caroliene van Eijck

I want to sign up for You + Your Business

Yes! You would love to learn how to grow the life that will give you meaning, a great life balance and an awesome relationship with your work.

Good stuff! There are only two things you need to do to make this happen.

Firstly, check your calendar to see if you can make our 7 days program a priority in your schedule. And secondly hit the "book now" button on this page to make sure we will save you a spot during our educational adventure You + Your Business. It won't get easier than that.

Oh and did we mention... you will meet new passionate people with a drive for life just like you! You will become a part of the a the entrepreneurial movement and together we will inspire the world!

★ The language spoken during our events and workshops will be Dutch ★

Sign up!

Only for the brave

As an entrepreneurial spirit you understand that life is not all about making money. You want to grab life by the balls!

Unfortunately you still recognize yourself in the following:

You are becoming a slave of your life
You feel like you are always behind on schedule
You are very low on energy
You struggle with a crushing sense of responsibility
You don't feel the freedom you long for

Don't worry. You are not the only one. Just sign up for You + Your Business and join the entrepreneurial movement!

Your investment

Sometimes you just need to invest in yourself instead of your house, your work, your friends...

Our educational adventure includes:

★ 6 days of amazing workshops and a real old school graduation day!
★ A wonderful coach weekend in the Ardennes
★ All course material
★ Healthy & delicious catering
★ A overnight stay in the Ardennes

The investment of You + Your Business for 7 days is €1950,- You can join as a person or as a company. Whatever fits your needs!