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Our story

Remember all the dusty boring lectures about how to start and run your own business? Where it's all about your financial plan and your business but never about you, the one who actually came up with the whole idea?

We believe the greatest asset you have in your company is you. That is why our You + Your Business Program evolves around you first.

We provide an intensive education program of 7 days with great inspiring courses and an amazing coaching weekend in the Ardennes to get You + Your Business on the road. Hooray!

★ The language spoken during this program will be Dutch ★

Your story

You want to make a difference in the world because your idea is awesome! But in reality you struggle with the following:

You are becoming a slave of your company

You feel like you are always behind on schedule

You have a hard time finding customers

You struggle finding the right price for your product

And that's just the beginning of your list of struggles... Don't worry. Through our You + Your Business program you will learn all you need to know about running your business in a healthy and happy way.

If not now then when...

Our program

During our 7 day education program we will focus on your mindset, your knowledge and your knowhow. We’re a huge fan of being practical and learning real things that matter. Each day is a great mix between you doing stuff and you listening to stuff. You go home with great knowledge which you can integrate directly in your life and business.

Discover everything you need to know during our Exploration Day.

Day 1: How to grow your Mission
17 januari 2018 9:00
Day 2: How to grow your Value
31 januari 2018 9:00
Day 3 + 4: How to grow Yourself
03 maart 2018 9:00
Day 5: How to grow your Influence
14 maart 2018 9:00
Day 6: How to grow your Brand
28 maart 2018 9:00
Day 7: Your Graduation Day
20 april 2018 13:00

Meet our trainers

Life + Business Coach Shana Cornelis
Business Motivator Caroliene van Eijck

I am in!

We believe that your idea matters. We believe that you can create your own business. It doesn't matter if you are a starter or already an entrepreneur. If you learn the right skills, attitude and knowhow, you have all it takes to be successful in your own life.

Oh and did we mention... you will meet new passionate people with a drive for life. You will become a part of the ape community and get inspired to live your dream.

You decide if you are ready. Are you?

book know

Only for the brave

You + Your Business is our education program for brave entrepreneurs. Well, maybe not Mohammed Ali brave but once you are graduated you are a VBE. A Very Brave Entrepreneur.

Why? Because you'll understand that luck is an attitude. Because you can decide how to run your life + your business and most off all because you are not scared of investing in yourself as a person and as an entrepreneur. We call you The New Entrepreneur.

The new entrepreneur is someone who creates the life he wants for himself and for his business. He knows that when he's happy and takes care of himself he'll be a better entrepreneur. His business is his way of life. Sounds good doesn't it...

Hooray for the brave!

Your investment

Our education program includes 4 days of amazing courses, a wonderful coach weekend in the Ardennes and last but not least … a real old school graduation day! All course material and catering (healthy & delicious) are included as well as the overnight stay in the Ardennes.

4 days course: €1890,-

Coach weekend in the Ardennes: €750,-

Graduation day: a gift from us to you!

Total: €2640,- benefit from 40% discount >>> €1584,-

*Btw excluded. You can benefit from KMO portefeuille thanks to our collab with Soulworx - official supplier. Our program is available in their offer.
This means you can benefit from it - when they provide the invoicing.

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