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Try out: How to grow your Mission

Try out: How to grow your Mission


House of ape Antwerpen
Grotehondstraat 44
2018, Antwerpen

House of APE Grote Hondstraat 44
Antwerpen, België

Welcome at the Try Out Day: How to grow your mission. This Try Out Day is for people who want to grow the life they love. Yes this can be you. The only thing you need to have is a lust for life!

This Try Out Day is a part of You + Your Business. A 7 days educational adventure where you'll receive tools to live a happy and healthy life. Learn more about You + Your Business!

Do you have mission? It's awesome to have a mission. It guides us, gives us purpose and helps us to stay true to our selfs in difficult times.

People with a mission contribute to this world with what they have to give. They don’t just sit there and wait for the world to change, they take part in it.

It's not easy to grow your mission. Not to worry. This workshop will help you on your way to grow the life you love with a mission in your back pocket!

For who?

  • You can’t seem to find your purpose
  • You are not sure what difference you are making in this world
  • You know you can do more than you are doing right now
  • You want to add a mission to your life

What can you expect?

This day you will discover how to;

  • Design the life + business you want
  • Discover your talent and what you want to contribute to the world
  • Find and grow your mission
  • Get motivated to take ownership of your mission
  • Go from your dream to reality by taking concrete action

Time Frame?

09.30 Door are open

10.00 Start part I

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Start part II

16.30 Round up with drinks

17.00 Doors are closing

What is your investment?

We love to feel your energy and drive. Enter the room with an open mindset and show us your adventurous side. And above all, do it with passion and lots of enthusiasm or not at all. The course doesn’t work unless you do!

This Try Out Day: How to grow your mission for one full day is €173,25. You can join as a person or as a company. What ever fits your needs!

★ The language spoken during our events and workshops will be Dutch ★

From 22 maart 2018 9:00
Till     22 maart 2018 18:00

Cost: €173.25