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I am not weird I am a limited edition... We hate to burst your bubble but that is not true. You are both! Your are weird and you are a limited edition. Hooray! Did we mention that we love you for it?! We do!

We started the ape academy so you can develop your weirdness, your dream, your mission.

We believe that every great achievement starts with a person. Not a company. So why not build an academy that facilitates an education that will get your company on the road with you as the big star, the Don Corleone, the one who has a plan.

Together we'll create a movement where you'll be a part of a new community. The ape community.

Are you ready? #onlyforthebrave


The ape academy offers an education as well as a stage for trainers who contribute to the "how to" principle.

In this day and age there are many trainers who explain, for example, life is great. That you can conquer the world. That you can be anyone you want to be. And that's awesome. But how do you do that? What are the possible methods? Which game plan do you need and how in the world can you create such a fabulous plan.

You have so many questions. That's why we look for trainers who help you make stuff specific and who teach you the wonderful gift of getting shit done. Check our calendar for their awesome courses or join our You + Your Business education program.


You are excited. Hooray! So the next step is getting in to our education program. You just hit the You + Your Business button above and everything will be explained in detail.

We understand that you might want know what you are getting yourself into. That's why we created the Exploration Day. A day filled with inspiration, workshops and food. Where you can meet our trainers, other interested people and learn about the You + Your Business program.

This education is for every entrepreneur who wants to live a happy and healthy business life. It doesn't matter if you are "an old dog" or brand new at this game. If you'r not 100% happy with the way your life + business is you might want to try our education.