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I am not weird I am a limited edition... We hate to burst your bubble but that is not true. You are both! Your are weird and you are a limited edition. Hooray! Did we mention that we love you for it?! We do!

We started the ape academy so you can develop your weirdness, your dream, your mission.

We believe that every great achievement starts with a person. Not a company. So why not build an academy that facilitates an education that will grow the life you love. We love to help you develop your entrepreneurial spirit so you can start to live your dream.

Together we'll create a movement where you'll be a part of a new community. The ape community.

Are you ready? #onlyforthebrave


The ape academy offers an educational program as well as workshops which all share the same "how to" principle.

In this day and age there are many trainers who explain that, for example, life is great. That you can conquer the world. That you can be anyone you want to be. Very true and very awesome of course.

But how do you do that? What are the possible methods? Which game plan do you need and how in the world can you create such a fabulous plan.

You have so many questions. That's why we help you make stuff specific and teach you the wonderful gift of getting shit done.

Check our calendar for our awesome workshops or join our You + Your Business education program.


You are excited. Hooray! So what is the best next step for you?

If you are looking for an education program that will help you grow as a person. That will make you understand your value in life. That will grow your influence in this world and also teach you a thing or two about branding? Check out our 7 day You + Your Business course. And don't forget, it could be something your boss is willing to pay for.

Are you looking to boost some skills as a professional or maybe gain some convidence as an entrepreneur? We welcome you to browse through our workshops.

Don't worry is you are still a bit unsure about things. We love to invite you for a coffee at ape.

Some kind words

Dorien van Dun

Absolutely love the workshops at the Ape Academy

Dorien van Dun
Joris Heyndrickx

Development is part of life and for me very important to keep my business relevant

Joris Heyndrickx
Charlotte Briers

Interesting workshops which are also fun and interactive

Charlotte Briers