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Our mission

It is our mission as create a world of entrepreneurial spirits so you can grow the life you love!

We dream of becoming the biggest most enthusiastic network of passionate professionals who create and share their adventures with the world.

We believe that connecting through core values, instead of sector or branche, creates new collaborations, different point of views and inspiring ideas.

We guide, teach and connect professionals so they will be happy and healthy with a lust for life.

Our gift

It is our gift to the world to create the professional network that connects personal values with company cultures.

We believe that this will develop a match professionals and companies will both love. We select our professionals carefully so the companies can easily find the person they are looking for.

It is time to grow together and develop a professional life where people are valued for who they are, not how fast they can get a burn out.

We give the world a place where everyone understands that luck is an attitude.

Our love

The name ape and the company by it self stand for Adventure, Passion and Enthusiasm. These are our core values and guideline to build and extend our ape network. Everything we do is in line with these core values.

Everyday we say yes to new adventures and everyday we are looking for passionate people who share the same believes as ape and are willing to tell their story with enthusiasm.

Because of our core values we've created a very unique and special ape culture.

ape is not a place it is a feeling...

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